Nero 8 update

Well it is 1 Oct and as promised Nero has released the Nero 8 for download; version Sure is slow on download so maybe best to wait a few days for the update.

I will wait for other users to give this program a full run for it’s money before deciding whether to buy the full Nero 8 package or not…but for now Nero 6 is living and breathing well…

I bought Nero 7 yesterday (upgraded from Nero 6 OEM) and upgraded to 8 today. Functionality of 8 is easy and good. Wish i could remove the dreadful [I]News, What’s up[/I] stupid yellow bar in the bottom. Personally i’d like faster acces to [I]Drivespeed[/I] since it’s probably the part i’ll use most. Also it would be nice if the StartSmart would minimize like in Nero 7.

I always felt a problem with Nero was that it included too many features and i suppose i still think that. I’ll use one in ten or so. Well, still a nice package that takes care of most burning needs on my XP Pro :slight_smile:

I downloaded mine this afternoon in 10 minutes.

All servers overloaded. Took 25 minutes at softpedia to download.

I just downloaded it (177 MB) in 5 minutes.

My first attempt at downloading from Nero site stalled after an hour and 130MB; second attempt was successful and only took about 10-12 minutes. Go figure.

I have Fibre Optic 15/2 Internet…so I downloaded in three minutes (not bragging…but if you have FIOS…you will get that too!). Anyways…found only one glitch in the armor. You have to have Windows Update running when you install, or the installation aborts. Not a biggie…I don’t keep WU running…until I want it to. So that’s it. The modules are pretty much the same…CD/DVD Speed replaced by Discspeed. New Tool…RescueAgent…to get information off corrupt disks. The overall feel of Nero 8 is good! I started three multisession discs…no problems at all. Did two audio disks…and then checked the quality…so far so good. I think that Nero may have a smoother transition to 8 than they did with 7…time will tell. I purchased 6,7, and 8 on or before their respective release dates…7 was the roughest …and 8 resembles 6, with ease of use.

For any v7 users…Nero had created folders for Audio, Data, etc…all gone in 8. Main folder has all the modules, smartstart, Home, Mediahome, NeroVision, etc…and a few subfolders (manuals and Tools). I almost fainted…there are actually a few manuals included with Nero 8…


That’s funny, Fiber Optic with only 15/2!
here in France I have ADSL with 24/2 and downloaded in two minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

But I am a bit far from the DSLAM so my attainable bit rate is only 16 mb …

Anyway, Nero 8 will get better with more update, as usual …

Sorry, i meant [B]DiscSpeed[/B] -… but what do you guys care :wink:


There are two more tiers for speed with FIOS. 20/5 and 30/10…but it starts to get very costly. The U.S. is behind other countries and ahead of others. There is a real lag around the world…but I expect that the next few years will put more countries on an even playing field…

Just installed Nero 8… i had to reboot 2 times?!? :confused: it’s a slow installation… and i only chose Nero Burning Rom, NeroVision, Recode and a few tools.

:smiley: The tools did it :smiley: that is weird you had to reboot twice. Did you uninstall the older version first? I would of if you didn’t.

One should always uninstall the older version first. With the v7 updates…Nero just updated itself to the latest version. Here, you needed to clean out v7. Use the Nero Cleantool and even remove registry entries…just as though you were uninstalling and installing new video drivers. The cleaner the install…the better.

So far, I am liking Nero 8


Yes, i removed Nero 6 but i think i’m going back to it again on XP. I had to reboot 2 times on XP, but only once on Vista. Checking what’s on new on NeroVision 5…

Your link to Nero Cleantool is not working :bigsmile:

I didn’t post one…but will be more than happy to:

Nero Cleantools on this page. Takes a minute…but works pretty well. After you run it…it will have you reboot…then clean Nero from registry and you are ready to fly


I installed Nero8 yesterday on top of my Nero 6 just to test how it reacts when it detects an older version. Alas, it asks “Automatic or manual uninstall of the old version” So i hit Automatic. To my surprise it did unsinstalled Nero6 no problems and installed nero8 which surprised me because with Nero7 I have loads of problem cleaning the old versions remnants and still V7 still won’t install.

One problem though, because i got also Roxio10 in my system it messes up and corrupted Roxio’s .msi files so I had to re-install Roxio. Now they live happily together.

It’s neat layout Nero8 quite different from the older versions. I tried few burns and seem works fine.

Well, you may ask why do I need Roxio when I have this Nero? I have heaps of MP3 collection without track names (only Track 1,2,3,etc)so I used Roxio’s "RENAME AUDIO FILES/TAG EDITOR using Gracenote database " for this purpose. I just wonder why Nero won’t incorporate this appilcation too.

Testing time ahead folks.

I used to work with version 7 and now I installed version 8. I have multiple menu screens in my DVD video with customization and control buttons. They work in V7 and now they don’t work at all in V8. They just fly over so fast and can not be seen as if they don’t exist. It jumps to the first title video and continue with the rest. When stopped, it never jumps back to the main menu. On restart, of course it fly passes all the menus and start the first video again.
Have I missed anything in installation? But, it does show two errors: ‘can not register program files
ero show time\interactive control.lib.dll’ and ‘can not register program files
ero show time\interactive player.lib.dll’

Hi eddychk and welcome:

You should start your own thread.

If you are getting these error messages, you should reinstall Nero 8. The 1st link is for Nero’s remover tool. Restart after removing Nero. The 2nd link is for the latest version of Nero 8. If you have purchased Nero 8 (not using it as a trial), enter your serial number to make it permanent.