Nero 8 ultra REALLOCATION FAILED - vts_**_*.vob not found



I am trying to back up a Ratatouille DVD. I am running AnyDVD and Nero 8 Ultra right now. Using Nero recode I am getting more and more frustrated as the reading and encoding works and when the time comes to burn, it fails, spitting out the all too familiar ‘reallocation failed – vts_0*_*.vob missing.’ Obviously this is not true. The file IS there!
Now I have tried maaaaaaany things: I have reinstalled Nero 8, and AnyDVD; I have used DVD+R (verbatim) and DVD+R DL (TDK) with copy DVD function; I have tried copying the files to my hard drive first too. I have also tried to manually drag-and-drop them to the DL disc from explorer and failed too, for some reason!
P.S. Please don’t tell me the disc is dirty or defective as that is just not the case. I’ve tried others – both as sources AND as targets.
PLZ HELP!:bow: