Nero 8 track listing when creating audio cd

I’ve just upgraded from nero 6 to nero 8 and when I drag and drop my audio files to be burned they ignore the track order and list alphabetically instead.

I’ ve never had this in 9 years of using various editions of Nero. How can I correct this?:sad:

Searched a bit more and found this thread…

Tried highlighting selected tracks in browser (ctrl A) and then done ctr 1 and everything was transfered to burn list in right order.

Silly bug - but at least there is a work-around. Never had this with nero before…

I was just searching for the same thing. Good thing I started noticing it was out of order after I upgraded to a newer version of Nero. I never had that problem before. At least often the track number now would show up as the artist and I could click on ‘Artist’ and it would get the order correct.

I generally re-type my file names to make them more consistent it it doesn’t do one bit of good with Nero 8.