Nero 8 StartSmart First Look

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CDFreaks presents a brief “First Look” at the newly designed StartSmart portion of Nero 8.

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First let me say this, When Vista was rolled out companies forced you to upgrade your software to a Vista compatible version. Not Nero! They were the one company that made the current version compatible with Vista. This alone shows that Nero supports their customer base and should be worth some mileage. As for Nero 8 I find the menu a refreshing change making the application easier to use for the beginner. At first I liked the status message that appeared in the screen showing you what the program was doing. Unfortunately, there are times when it is not completely visable making it hard to read. I would have preferred a text box with a clear background so that it was clearly visable. I would have also like to have seen an option that would toggle the menu on or off for the beginner or advanced user. Still the new look does make the application friendlier than earlier versions which should broaden it’s appeal. Personally, I feel like the application is the Cadillac of the CD and DVD burning apps!

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I stuck with nero7 because I had issues with 8 when it 1st came out, perhaps it’s time to try it again.

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program does not work…so many other hidden options running…all spyware. why review smart start? Stupid if you ask me. Freakin cdfreaks and a monkey review LOL :r

hican some one tell me how i turn off te preview widow i nero 8 ty

NeroVision 3.0 was easy to make Menu’s and chapters and multiple chapters.
NeroVision 5.0 very very hard to make mutiple menu’s, (pages).
I can’t do it after 3 weeks.
After I get to edit menu, i’m dead in the water !!!
Help !