Nero 8 Problems

I recentlly installed Nero 8 on a new computer windows xp pro is the operating programme. It installed perfectly however startsmart and vision just wont open up after the dial goes of the screen they just continuously run in the background, everything else works great just those two wont open . I have tried turning of my A/V and windows firewall but to no avail. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Regards Patsym

Welcome patsym1:

One possibility could be that you didn’t agree to the “patent activation” and Nero is refusing to run. A second possibilty is that you had a bad install.

Use the clean tool remover and restart.

Then, download the latest release ( and install. Enter your s/n to make it permanent.

I did all you asked Jeff still the same . The only thing is “patent activation” has never come up on my screen.

Regards Patsym