NERO 8 problem with SH-203B drive



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S203B / TS-H653B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

I have just installed VISTA 64 and installed NERO 8. When I start NERO I can choose only the image recorder and I do not have my Samsung SH-203B recorder in the list.

I can read all my discs in windows explorer.

I allready tried to reinstall nero and also used their cleaning tool but the result is just the same.

Please help



Hi and Welcome!

what happens if you try other burning software like ImgBurn? Also, have you installed the latest Nero Updates?



Thanks for the answer.

I did not try any other software but I resolved the problem. It seems that the VIA Hyperion drivers for the SATA controler were the problem. I rooled back the drivers for the controler to the Microsoft original drivers and now everything works fine.

Thanks again for your answer
Dragos B


Nice you got it working :slight_smile: