Nero 8 phones home!

Anyone else notice that nero 8 phones home without asking permission (I’m guessing they put something in the licience agreement that nobody reads about agreeing to it)? It would seem that when you try to use certain features of nero, it phones home to make sure it is a valid copy and that the copy is only on one computer. My fire wall was blocking nero so it trigered it. I added nero to the firewall and no problems so far, but I wouldn’t have spent the money if I knew they were doing this crap. After all the problems I have had with fuly legit copys of windows, I’m done with software that pulls this crap.
So does anyone know if there is 24hr phone tech support for activation issues? Is this piece of crap going to keep phoning home all the time, and if it cannot get through (time warner cable is not that reliable), is it going to kill nero till it can phone home? I think it might be time to go back to 7 and ebay this copy (I only bought it for new HD capabilities and have yet to find any). The interface with nero 7 is easier to use anyway.

So anyway, thats my little rant, had to do it. :bigsmile:

Hey you know my Roxio 9 and my new 10 does this too. My older seven Roxio never did this! Oh well huh?