Nero 8 now available for download

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It’s October 1st and like promised, Nero has offocally released version 8 of their popular software suite.
Release 1 of Nero 8 shows up with version number and has a download size of…

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You beat me to it…bloat, bloat and more bloat. Why oh why are most folks too lazy to get leaner (much leaner) alternatives instead of relying on this pig. :o

they’ve not updated Nero 6 in a while, will they keep working on it? They did for a while, but now…

Hmm, 180mb. What a lean efficient program it must be. :stuck_out_tongue: Just perfect for dial up users don’t you think? :r

Whats a good alternate? I pretty much only use nero for burning straight data dvd’s/cd’s, audio cd’s, and dvd movies if its a video_ts folder (i use imgburn to burn all images).

Well, if you’re running Linux then K3b is the way to go. Leaves Nero for dead.

It truly never ceases to amaze me how people can get so wound up about a piece of software they don’t like. Good grief. Did Nero 8 break into your house, kill your dog, steal your car, and pee on your rug? Let it go people. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Seriously. Move on. Life is too short. We get it: It’s bloated. It’s really, really big. It takes forever to download. There are lots of things in it that don’t have to do with burning disks. Yes, yes, and yes. Got it. I hate Symantec software, yet I can somehow manage to squelch the spasmatic urge to spew vitriolic, Turrret-like derision all over the place whenever it’s mentioned in passing. And, before anyone points out the irony of my bothering to counter with a post like this – “Oh, but you can’t manage to keep your mouth shut about people who hate Nero, can you?” – allow me to point out that this is only after enduring now years of endless, pointless “I hate Nero” posts every time Nero farts in our general direction. Really – everyone knows what people who hate Nero think of Nero. Sheesh.

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Lol 180MB is large if you’re using slugband instead of broadband. It does have a plentiful amount of features. So 180MB aint that big. Nero could make a Torrent type dload, which would work far better than leeching off their slow servers. Many torrent sites have the trial version up for DL. It’s not illegal, just a faster way to download and trial the software. Aside from the file size, I quite like Nero. For the simplistic tasks like burning data, music and whatnot, it’s great. End of story.
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@ cd pirate Yeah, I like Nero, too. Sure it’s 180MB download, but if you do a full install it turns into an 800MB monster. Just insane. However, if you don’t need everything then you can select just what you want and leave the rest alone. No problems.

Cheeta DVD Burner is the software to use if you just want to burn cd´s and dvd´s. Looks like Nero with dualpane but only a few MB´s in size…

wow…in the days of large hd’s and mega mem…people still mention bloat…that little custom install choice works fine

wow…in the days of large hd’s and mega mem…people still mention bloat…that little custom install choice works fine

The 800MB file is only with all the language translations. English only is 180MB for the whole shebang…

…don’t need it. got Vista Home Premium and Slysoft products. those do everything. :S

@ Waethorn Everything? You sure are throwing that word around with wild abandon. Does Vista do your laundry and take care of you when you’re sexually frustrated? No. All it does is force people to upgrade to more expensive hardware and monitors you 24/7. Yeah, great software.

“Did Nero 8 break into your house, kill your dog, steal your car, and pee on your rug?” Nope, but the ver.6_ really tied the room together. And thats smth most dudes are missing :slight_smile:
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Trial is not for HD or BD. Install easy but I wanted a trial for HD. So delete.