Nero 8 nerovision making dvds

:)i have been using nero 8 for about a week , ive been burning avi files with nero vision no probs …untill now

i open up nerostartsmart, select nerovision , then make a dvd, add files select my movie in this case a movie avi file. the box comes up as if nero is going to load it then just disappears and im back at the main start of nero ie rip and burn entertainment etc etc i have used nero clean tool and reformatted my entire pc and it still does it… im using vista is nero just a bad program… i paid 80 bucks for this rubbish please help


It sounds like a problem or Bug with Nero 8 or Vista this might be of some help to you Click

Your ffdshow and other codecs are unstable, download new ones.
Dunno if your Illegal files will handle it though.