Nero 8 movie burning issue

Can anyone help me please with my issue ? After copying an unprotected dvd movie using Nero 8 Burner I can’t play it back on any of my dvd players in my home. It seems only my pc or laptop can read it.
Firstly I am using the Shrink Programme then Nero automatically burns to disc. I was using Nero 6 for ages with Windows XP. I never had a problem with any copies I done. They would play on any dvd players fine. I upgraded recently to Nero 8 as my Laptop has Windows Vista. Nero 6 wouldn’t work on it.
I also installed Nero 8 on my desktop which still is Windows XP with service pack 3. I have a problem here when Nero is burning to the disc it fails to burn complete.
Does anyone have any idea as to what I need to tweek or something so I can enjoy my copied movies on my dvd players .
Thanks in advance.

Most of times these problems are caused by a low quality disc.

To completely exclude a software issue, however, you can try to burn a disc with ImgBurn (it’s free, and much better than nero :bigsmile:).

What discs are you using exactly? Maybe reducing slightly the burning speed can improve results :slight_smile: