Nero 8 - Menu Editing

In Nero 7, Menus had to be created with the video preview, but Nero 8 supports a text only menu link. I was wondering though how to get a menu with a picture/graphic from video on the menu, because it doesn’t appear to have anything.

i’m sitting here trying to figure out the same thing…any help??

This should help.

[QUOTE=jeff53404;2057805]This should help.[/QUOTE]

:rolleyes: thats not nero vision 5! thats the old one, it’s not the new one buddy.

We used to be able to add it that way but it doesn’t have that option anymore?


my apologises, i was getting mixed up with Nero 8 and 9. Follow the screenshot added to add picture menu to movie menu.

Can anyone tell us how to do the same in Nero 9?