Nero 8 is breacking my computer and dvd player

Hi i dont no if this is the right placew to post this question, if not please warn me wen you move it so i can find it back.
I am having a really bad time with my Nero software, its breaking my computer. And this is a long story.
Ill try to explain. First i have the legal version of Nero 8, before that i started with Nero trial.
So last year or rhe year before it all started, i have a dvd burner on my computer, it always worked. But i dont no wat software burner i had before nero, it must of come with the puter.
Anyway having heard of all the hype around older versions of Nero ( how easy to use and great it was) i decieded to try the trail version.
Please at this time i wasnt to great using the computer. I didnt do much with my nero but i had all kinds of plans to do this or that.
So anyway also because of the hype, i after a while decided to buy Nero 8. Which i did as a download. Nowhere was i told to first remove the trail version, as i understood it then it was a kinda update that just put the bought version over the trail version. Like i said i didnt understand to good how it all worked. Which i suppose in the end is the people nero are making there big bucks from.
Anyway so i played off films in nero and did some DVD burning. In my add and remove i had both versions, so i started to try to remove nero trail but it would not allow me to do it. I asked on the nero forum about how to use nero ands i got some replies about how bad nero had become and how un easy it was to use.
Anyway time went by. Then i decided to try and edite one of my vacation films. I did it in nero vision. I spent hours suffering , reading how to do it and so on, nero vision was so unclear how to use it, that it just never worked. All i wanted was to remove the audio file of the film and put on a new audio file.
So i tried updating my nero. I kept getting reports back from the update that because i already had one version i couldnt update the other. i got this report on trying to update with both versions. So i tried to remove nero trail, i was not able to remove it because i already had another version of nero on my puter.
By now i was getting very angry!.
Then i also truied to burn a DVD, and found that my nero express only went up to 700 mb. it had always in the past gone up to around 5 gigs. So somewere while i couldnt update my nero it was changing itself.
And i wasnt seeing this happen or being asked if i want this!
Then cos i couldnt update or use the video editor i decided id had enough of nero. I started to delete it, first off my add and remove, it would go, because again i got the message you have a diffrent version on your puter please remove that first. I got this message with both versions once agaain.
I had no were at this time heard of the clean or uninstall program. which should just be easy to find in the program list and not that u have to go to the nero website.
so i stared shreddin all my nero files in malware bijts and spybots file shredder. It took all day, i also stopped all internet activity in my firewall with nero.
the next day all the Nero files were back onto my computer. So now i start to realise that Nero has the behavior of a virus or unwanted program. I mean this behavuior is nearly as bad as the Vundo virus, that explodes and plants unwanted files all over your computer.
Then i go onto the nero site, i try looking for a solution, but its not easy to find out how to remove it.
By now ive decided i never want anything to do withg nero again. in the end i read on this forum about the clean it tool, so i download it and it takes again hours and i remove nero.
The next day i run the tool again, and yeah there it is again, nero is bac on my computer in C/ i run the tool again. i rip any files i can find over with file shredder, and yes another 12 hours has gone by wasted on getting rid of nero.
Finally its nearlly all gone, i think i ended up doing it in safe mode im not sure anymore.
Then a month later i want to reinstall some of my windows elements, so i pop the cd into the cd drive and it wont work, the cd drive cant read or write anything its totally useless.
now i contact a guy KEV on the nero support list. He emails me bac and gets in contact with nero, he was really good he mailed bac regully asking if nero had contacted me, but of course they hadnt, weeks went by. i emailed Kev again , he promised to get onto it.
then i go onto the nero website once again. I send a email to thenm through support. No reaction. nothing.
then i find there telefoon number on there website and i try it, it dosent work!. i contact Kev once again.
And yeah or i get a mail bac from Nero. But what i want now is never to have anything to do with nero again. But they tell me how to reinstall. First by once again running the clean up tool then reinstalling nero 8. So because im desperate to use my DVD player i did wat they said.
I reinstalled yesterday morning, after my computer starts to crash every hour or so. And i notice all my movie files have become default nero files, i dont want this i now have the VLC player which im very pleased with. I had the option in my drop down list to play my files with diffrent players and to play or add them to the vlc player. these options have gone. I have to go to play with then look for the VLc player now. all because nero has put itself into the default player.
anyway i got then a window coming up saying update nero, i clicked no, it redirected to threre website, Were i have to registarate, i click no once again, and my computer crashed. Wen i get bac into my computer all my files everything has become unplayable files. There all brioken. and i mean like 300 movie files, hundreds and hundreds of photos have become a file type called " file" that as far as i no doesent exsist. I cant view themn anymore, i bought all my music on itunes and i havet looked at those files yet , but wii do so quick as i finished this letter.
Im sure i can get my files bac to how theyt were by or regisrating by nero or once again removing it and reinstalling all my movie software stuff the VLC, and all my photo libary and editoring stuff, and my i tunes (which i hope i wont lose the hundreds ogf euros on music ive got in it) . But its going to take days to do this all, and again i will be left with the problem that my DVD player dosent work again.

Jesus, wat a story from hell. I will never touch nero again and i need someones help cos im going to remove it, and i really need to know what software i can get to drive my DVD player so it will read and one that will also burn DVD and CDroms.
Im sorry this is so long a questin but i feeel totally ripped of by nero, and i feel people need to be warned against it, its so bad.


Please don’t take this as an attack as it is not meant to be. It looks like you might have caused some of the problems yourself. You shouldn’t ever try to go and manually remove a complex program like nero manually unless there is no other choice. Nero shares files with other programs and the operating system. If you wipe any of those out, you can mess up other programs or even windows functions.

I might be able to help with a few of your problems.

First off, your video files and such changing to nero files is called file association and I’m pretty sure it it actually a windows thing, not nero. When you installed nero, it should have asked you what file types you want to associate with nero (by default it selects most if you don’t change it). Look in the settings for vlc player and see if there is a setting for file associations. Change the file associations back to vlc player. Alternatively if you cannot find that setting, go into my computer and find a video file or whatever. Right click it and go to properties. Near the top where it says opens with, click change. Select vlc player. From then on, any file of that type will open by default with vlc player. Doing that way you will have to do it once with each file type. Unless you let a program change the file associations (they generally ask), it will stay that way. Its done that way so you can use the program you want by default. They don’t actually change the files to nero files. Windows just associates the files with nero by default and generally lets the program change what the icon for the file looks like.

As far as the files changing to file, did you manually change the file extensions? If so, you will probably have to manually change them back. Download gspot
and see if a particular video file is recognized as a video file (this might help you determine if they are in fact corrupt). You might have also wiped out your codec’s when you installed nero. Each video file type has a codec, which is basically the instructions on how to play that video file type. If the codec is not there (if it got removed with nero), the file cannot be played by and program (some programs have their own internal codec so they would be able to). Gspot should also tell you if the codec for a particular file type is installed or not.

As far as only being able to burn to 700mb, it thinks you are trying to burn a cd so it is limiting the size to the contents that will fit on a cd. You need to set it to burn a dvd (it depends on how you started the program on how to do that).

Nero doesn’t have the ability to physically break your drive. They drive has most likely became uninstalled or something like that with something you did. One place to check would be control panel, system, hardware, device manager. Look under dvd/cd rom drives and see if there is an exclamation point or question mark next to the drive. If there is, double click it and use the windows trouble shooter.

I hope that helps some. If you really want nero off your computer, use nero’s uninstall programs and then the nero clean tool.

If you do decide to keep nero, you have to let it update. Just about every version of nero has been buggy in the first released sub versions. The first released sub versions are what you typically get on a disk if you buy a retail package, even if you bought it recently. Alternatively, you can download and install the latest trial version, then use your serial number to make it a full version.

Hallo again…

I have a few problems on your answer, but firstly i want to say ill look into all youve said. first of all.
But one point i have, is that before i had nero on my puter, ( i mean before the first install i ever did. so more than a year ago, i didnt have these problems and my DVD player worked fine. So why is it that now since i installed nero, when i remove nero, my DVd player wont work. You said that some programs wont work after removing nero because there dependant, but shouldnt Nero be warning people of this problem, befere people dl nero. On there website. In cclear easy to understand language.
I mean a warning as to the fact that, probally your DVD player works now, but after you install nero and then later remove nero, this will cause your DVD player to fail until you reinstall nero. again. I feel ripped off and decieved by Nero.
Also like i said now i reinstalled nero three days ago, all my photos in picassa have become a broken icon. I cant open them. I would of appreciated being warned by nero before hand that this could happen.
I have managed to get some of my films back to the vlc possibility, but not all of them. Im working on that.
But here i have a problem too, why, should i after i install nero have to spend hours and hours trying to get my computer back into its old state? And why after installing nero again does my computer crash constantly, why wen i do anything like trying to change my file extenstions like you adviced me, does the computer freeze up and then crash. And mainly why? didnt i have these problems before i installed nero, but now i do?

Finally ive decided nero has to go, i dont want it anyore, Its ruining my computer. I will keep it till i find a new solution, maybe i will have to buy ( once again) a new DVD player, i hope not!. but if thats the price i have to pay to get rid of nero from my computer ill do it! because if im not carefull this whole experiance could cost alot more, if it breaks my computer.

So please once again, could someone guide me on this forum, to a relieable DVD player and burner software, from a relieable and trustworthy company, before i GD explode.

Thank you lisa

First, Nero need to be uninstalled with Nero Clean Tool, here under Tools.

I do not know if it will work any more since you try to delete files manually, but try.
This is standard procedure for Nero7 and on. Version 7 was fixed for update install over existing files after 7.5. I guess version 8 had same problem, plus some more, that is why they released version 9 within 6 month with free update for 8 holders.

Hi again

thanx so far for all your imput, everyone. but still my question remains. what alternativeis are there in the way of software for reading and burning DVds

For burning, Imgburn:

I’m not sure what you mean by “reading” but if you want a software player VLC is pretty good:

yes thanks ill look at it. i got the VLC its my love in life, but the other link you sent ill read, wat it is.
i mean by reading that after i removed nero from my computer my DVD thing wouldnt work at all, so wen i put a cd rom in or a dvd , just nothing happened,
now i have much against my will reinstalled nero because i was desperate to use the dvd thing , it bloody well works again,

all i can say is nero has sure fu…chked up my whole puter. thank u Ahead, well done, another happy customer.

but serioussly thank u again for all the help on this forum.


I dumped Nero years ago. For DVD burning I only use Imgburn.
There are other alternatives :

CDburnerXP: (requires Net Framwork)
Burnaware Free:

Most likely your drivers are corrupted for DVD drive. Go to Device Manager, unistall DVD drive, shut down computer, wait few seconds (5-10), restart and let windows find the device and install driver. It should work.
Other alternative is to install Nero back, see if everything works and than use Nero Clean Tool to uninstall.

IF you want to try uninstalling nero again, do not try to remove it yourself as that may have been what messed up some of the things on your computer. Use the nero uninstaller, then run the clean tool. When it uninstalls, it may ask you if you want to leave certain files or components as they may be used by other programs. Do leave these things installed.
As far as an alternative to nero, if you want a program that can do all the things nero can, sonic is really your only alternative (I cannot remember which sonic is the package that is similar to nero, I think it’s my dvd). There are lots of programs that can do any of the individual tasks that nero does if you don’t mind using several programs, but sonic is the only other decent all inclusive burning suite like nero. I’m not sugesting you don’t use individual programs either (in many cases it winds up doing a better job than nero or sonic), but it means you may have a dozen or more programs that you have to install an learn to use to do all the tasks that the suites can do. Some individual programs are very easy to use compared to nero, while others will be much harder to learn to use but may give better results.
Fyi, sonic tends to conflict with nero, but many of the individual programs do not, so they will work fine, even if nero is on your system (you will just have to try and see if you want to go that route).
If you want individual programs, look here

Hallo everyone and thanks for all the help. THe first thing i noticed, three days ago, was without any reason or so, my Nero had gone from my start menu. Even more pissed at the independant life nero seems to be having on my computer i decided that was it. The end. I have removed nero first in add and remove, then i ran the clean tool. It found two Nero files it wouldnt remove, Nero remotecontrole and lib. When i select them with Nero clean it, it tells me the path is invalide.
Tryed a few times. but no. Im running CCcleaner regully to see what it picks up. And ive stopped Nero in my Firewall settings. I hope thatll do it.
Anyway I read up on the info i got from you all, and went for Imgburn. Its very much like my DVD decryper in its interface (and which rips everything in 5 minuites). Imgburn is working really well. Im now burning dvds again. Also since getting nero off my puter the first time, my HP ( the whole program) became unusable. It is now working again, orthough i did loose all my old fotos on it. All my film files are now appearing as VLC files as well, and have become readable again. Certain foto files a freind sent that i couldnt open i can now open. With Imgburn, im also happly burning and opening my Dvds and backing up everything. so im happy again. Ill never make the Nero choice again. really silly of me and gradully ill get it wiped of my puter.
Futher i think im gonna go for the all diffrent programs option as i think that once a comany gets to big, it gets sloppy and complicated.
So anyway thank u everyone, you saved me from horrible nero,

You have a PM…[B]([/B]private message[B]) :D[/B]

Are you using Vista? I used Revo Uninstaller, opened regedit, right clicked all HKEY classes, typed nero in find, click find next, deleted all files that said nero, searched all files in computer for anything that said nero and deleted. Find any file that says Ahead and delete. Only thing left is nero backitup in task manager and I disabled that. I wonder where it is hiding can’t find it. nero is gone with no conflicts on my computer. Bought nero9 and it sucked from the get go. Had nero 6 OEM on my older puter and worked fine,go figure.

hey yes thanks i dont have vista but am trying it in run and yeah , its found nero home and another one. goddamn. this is really unbelivable.

yes and storm jumper ill see what i can find on the program you suggested, read up on it first. but thanks