Nero 8 install problem

Hello everyone. I am new to this so bare with me.

I had Nero 8 installed on my computer in September when first purchased. It installed fine. I had a hard drive failure (head crash) and had to replace the hard drive. I re-loaded windows XP and did all the updates etc. When trying to install Nero 8 now is does not do it. I decline the ask search bar and weather channel. It then opens a bar says extracting files and then goes away and i am back at my desktop. I have tried re-downloading the software and still the same things. I have used their cleaning tool and still nothing.

I spent over 3 hours with an MS tech who tried to trouble shoot to see if it was XP not letting it install. He was the best. We downloaded other Nero products and they install fine. I have not had any problems with any other software. The techs conclusion is that it is Nero’s installer from the program on 8.

One more thing. Nero’s customer service sucks terribly. I finally did talk to their tech support and paid a few bucks ($1.29) and he is taking charge of the problem. He is supposed to call me back. Let hope he does.

Can anyone help with this if they experienced the same type of problem.

Thanks in advance.


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You might download the Nero 8 Clean tool from the Nero site and run it to clean all the nero stuff off your HD.

Then you might download and run the Windows Installer Cleanup utility to remove any information left from the failed installs

and then

Start a fresh install of Nero 8.

The cleaning has been done and Nero has been re-installed over and over again. The MS tech did all he can do. So now I am hoping Nero tech support will get back with me.



If I understand you correctly you cant get nero to do a full install. I would try deleting all the temps files in
C:\Documents and Settings"Your User Name"\Local Settings\Temp.
Some temp file may not delete that no problem just remove what you can. Then try an install. BTW replace “Your User Name” with your actual name to find the temp dir. Also make sure you have show hidden files turned on or you wont find the dir. Finally if your install is someplace other that the c: drive use that instead. Make sure no virus programs are running when you do the install

Thanks. That has been done also. We cleaned every possible trace of anything. I have turned off everything and even did an uninstall on some programs. I just don’t understand why every Nero or other program will install with no problem. Only Nero 8 is the trouble maker.

I tend to agree with the MS tech that it seems to be the program itself.


I am having the exact same issue after re-installing Windows XP Pro. I have downloaded Nero via Bit Torrent and the Nero FTP site and tried to install at least 10 times. Each time I get the same ‘corrupt’ error.

I have only recently purchased Nero 8 and I cannot get it to install. I have tried the CleanTool from Nero, and I still get the same result.

Is there a free DVD authoring tool like Nero that I can use in the interim? Trials etc?

And I am eagerly awaiting the result of this issue, as it is clearly not an isolated case.

After spending [B]at least [/B]10 hours trying to install, download and research how to install Nero I have discovered this: this version is broken!

I installed version Nero and it installed without any issue at all.

You can find it here:

(Note: I know the link says Nero 7, but it’s really Nero 8! And it is not a warez/cracked version neither).