Nero 8 help


when ever you need to uninstalled/re-install your nero 8 ultra edition you get this.third party patent activation duplicate patent activation found we regret to inform you that your copy of nero has already been activated on another pc.{but its not its on the same pc} please specify why you want to install your copy twice.i uninstalled the last version and had to re-install restored a backup with nero backitup. i want to install nero on several pcs. and if you have to do this more then 3 time nero take’s away your web key and you have to call them and fight with them to get it back. why is this??

thank you

i want to install nero on several pcs.

And Nero wants you to pay several times.


Hi MysticEyes and chef

does that happen to you when you need to uninstall/re-install your nero 8 ultra edition?

thank you