Nero 8 HD plug-in & Showtime almost works?



I have Nero 8 with HD plug-in, AnyDVD-HD, 9600GT and an LG GGW-H20L installed. Display is a non-HDCP Dell 24" 2405 FPW.

I got my first BD moview, Planet Earth, to try everything out. The movie comes up to the initial menu, but clicking any choice, e.g. “play all”, results in nothing happening. Also, I’m not sure whether the image is really 1080p or not. My Dell is set at native 1920x1200.

All I want to do is watch the movie on my pc. Can anybody help me with this or at least explain it to me?


You have to get a HDPC Monitor. Not?!


[QUOTE=chef;2100207]You have to get a HDPC Monitor. Not?![/QUOTE]

NOT!! Since my previous post as a test I uninstalled all of Nero as installed the PowerDVD OEM player that came with the drive. That works very well now. So it’s something about Nero or Nero and my system, I expect the later, that does not work exactly like it should.

Now can I leave most of Nero 8, except for Backup+InCD, and not get burned in that flaky Nero if I don’t play HD with it?


PS: Thank you for at least taking the time to posit the possibility.


Playback blu-ray with Showtime can be a pain, unfortunately. Using PowerDVD would be a better solution. If you have the OEM, you can upgrade with the latest version. Another member posted a link for PowerDVD OEM update version 4102b here:

If the download link above is unsuable you can contact Cyberlink to get the updates, or usually you can update within the software if its connected to the internet.


You can open Nero and then select setup and remove Backup and InCD from there.

Once again if you are using “Auto-Play” then you could change your default for Blu-ray movies to PowerDVD.