Nero 8 Audio CD Compilation Bugs

I’ve been using Nero 8 for about 6 months now and I’ve noticed two major bugs in Audio CD Compilation.

The first bug relates to setting a 0:00 second pause between songs. I set all the pauses (except the first track) to 0:00 and then burn a CD. As soon as I hit burn, all the pauses default back to 0:02, unless I save the compilation first. This never happened in Nero 5. Even with a saved compilation, if I double-click on a track or make any changes to a track, that track will default back to 2 seconds. Sometimes I won’t notice this until after the CD is burned. Oops - another coaster! Basically you have keep checking the track pauses before you burn because it seems that any action you take while the compilation window is open can cause the track pauses to default back to 2 seconds. So, now I just save the compilation, open it again, don’t touch anything, and then burn. It’s the only safe way to do it.

The second bug is downright ridiculous. You can’t tell me that it’s supposed to be like this! Apparently not every action in the Audio CD compilation window warrants a “save” prompt. If I change the track title, artist or pause, it will ask me if I want to save when I close the window, but if I move the tracks around, it won’t ask me to save! :confused:

Sometimes, I wish I still had Nero 5…