Nero 8 and NeroCom fails to get correct drive

My NeroCom code to burn a dvd works fine on older versions of Nero but when I installed Nero 8 the wrong drive was activated.

The name of the drive was displayed correctly but when I choose it NeroCom 8 opened the wrong drive.

For example my computer has 2 dvd drives. One writer and one player. When I selected the writer in my app then Nero 8 opened the player.

All was fine when I burned a DVD in Nero Burning Rom. After that when I select the writer in my app then the writer is opened.

This happens on multiple computers. So my question does Nero 8 have to be initialized (burn a DVD itself) for it to get the right order of dvd drives?

The only really supported version of NeroSDK was with Nero 6. Since the launch of Nero 7 this board has been abandoned by Nero/Ahead, basically we are now on our own - and it is my experience that bugs are creeping into the SDK which since the developers have abandoned this board are not being resolved.

In short the last versions of Nero 6 work well with the SDK, I have found 7 works with some workarounds. I haven’t daren’t try 8 yet but I don’t expect it will be an improvement on the SDK front - your experience seems to confirm this!

There are freeware alternatives out there which have a released API - I intend to investigate these.

Good to know that there is no support for Nero 8. So the SDK is also not updated anymore?

Can you tell me what freeware alternatives there are, so I can test them also.

Well I don’t know if its not updated anymore, however all the info that comes with the SDK and on the Nero website is that all support is via this forum.

If you check my recent posts (a few months back) I posted an email I received from Nero confirming they no longer monitor this forum. That being the case the only conclusion is that they do not give support on the SDK. Indeed I have found bugs with version 7 and you are having issues with version 8 and no resolution is forthcoming…

There is now some native support in Windows (not great), have a look through for some others - its not top of my to do list so haven’t done anything particular as yet