Nero is OUT

It is only available via program download , I think.

Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

I am finding Nero is running alot smoother now, programs start quicker and some of the other bugs have been worked out. I like this V8 much better than V7.:iagree:

Nero Lite (44.8 MB, shareware).

My only wish is that the updates were smaller in size. Our Hughesnet has a 175 Meg download limit per day. This update was somewhere in the neighborhood of 183 Megs. I was able to download and install, but now I have a 24 hour bandwidth throttle. Ouch!

Nero Lite (44.8 MB, shareware).
Direct link:

Conveniently, I came across this thread, which is along the lines of my question. I am currently using Nero 6 Gold, because I heard too many bad things about Nero 7. The OP’s remark about Nero 8 running smoother leaves me wondering if I should upgrade? If smoothness is the only factor I probably won’t, because I’m not unhappy with N6 in that department. What is there to gain in functionality by upgrading?

I have owned every version of Nero since V5. This is by far the best they have come up with. The GUI make things much easier to access and everything seems to work. This in itself is amazing. I really like V8. Its up to the user if they really need all the programs that Nero offers.

I’m not certain exactly which or how many of Nero’s extra programs that I might use, because I’m just beginning to get into burning regularly. I have Show Time, but I never use it, because I’m happy with PowerDVD. As for the rest of the items, I guess that only time will tell. What I’m really asking for the moment is for the purpose of basic burning uses is there really any significant or compelling reasons to upgrade?

Something just came to mind…I very briefly read something about a recovery function in N8, that I believe was for the purpose of recovering bad disks. I’m wondering if it is really more effective than Nero ROM in reading such disks? For instance, I bought a copy of Ben Hur, that has a section that my system can’t read and prevents me from viewing it. Would this function be very likely to be able to recover it?

Hi :slight_smile:
For me this latest update is appalling.
It gave me no options on install & totally overrode my choices.
While returning various s/w to the default preferences I had previously are relatively minor.
It is still a pain in the butt.
Drive speed still fails to remember my settings. As well as getting more & more diverse with findings (unless using Lite-On drives), when using DiscQuality scanning.
Won’t let some drives copy on the fly. For no apparent reason.
My version may well vary to that of alan1476.
I have support for both LS & LF.
Am using Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
But yes, from my experiences so far.
Nero has a long way to go.

Speaking strictly out of ignorance, due to a lack of experience with Vista, I suspect that there is an incompatability factor with Vista…at least that was a factor in the past with XP x64. I have read too many complaints about Vista to consider even touching it until the first service pack is released. That may not improve the situation with N8, but it is too early for me to judge.

I think you are correct. I run XP Pro and have no problems yet others run Vista and have problems, the answer is not rocket science.:disagree:

[QUOTE=alan1476;1933962]I think you are correct. I run XP Pro and have no problems yet others run Vista and have problems, the answer is not rocket science.:disagree:[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
The problems I refer too in my post are there in XP Pro too (32 bit).
(Certainly in the European edition. I know cause I’ve just tried it.)
Nero is trying it on.
Nero DiscSpeed is awful. + settings don’t stick.

I have removed Nero 8 from my primary WinXP machine. I feel Nero took yet another step backwards with this release as they did with v7.x. While the product does run fine on my AMD/nForce4 rig, it is nothing but a nightmare on my Intel P965 based rig… I am running in AHCI mode, but other apps I have tried perform just fine… i.e. ImgBurn, CDRWIN, AnyDVD, DVDFab Platinum, VSO CopyToDVD, Ashampoo Burning Studio 7… I have come to expect more from Nero and it is just not delivering anymore… I gave it one more chance with v8 and so far is does not deliver.

Maybe thats why I have no problems, I am running an AMD/nforce4 rig.:iagree:

I am using Nero8 version 8.0,3,0. And just finished copying 4 discs on fly with no trouble what so ever. My empression is this version of Nero is a major shift from previous versions, more user friendly, better designed feature. The only question I have why this version does not give you actual burning speed even with modify registry for “ShowSingRecorderSpeed”?

Since I run AMD/VIA64, perhaps it will work okay for me. I’m still hoping that someone would comment on the recovery function, or any other plus factors on N8.

Its in the options , all you have to do is check it.

So Alan would you recommend someone like me that still uses Nero to go for Nero 8.x version if I don’t use it alot other then burning data and burning back my music collection to cd again?