Nero 7's lightscribe label maker & 1655 problem

i can do the lightscribe labeling with surething lightscribe edition, but not with nero 7.

when i try to set the lightscribe’s default drive under nero 7’s label maker’s preference, no drive is listed.

is this a bug of nero, or is because of my serial # (sony oem)


i want small & reliable disk burning software that does well in data disk mode. any suggestions?

It’s because of your Serial #. I got a copy off of ebay dirt cheap (retail ultra edition) and it works perfectly after having your problem, but to be honest, I went right back to Nero 6 ultra. Works SO much better.

thanks for your info; ahead is shady not to tell me about the cause of the problem

I have the sam problem – Ligtscribe Host s/w loaded but Nero 7 can’t see the drive as LS, the label ICON does not show under Extras, get error on the Lightscribe Tab in Preference. I have seen many post on thei problem with BenQ and LightOn drives using Nero 7. Surething works, so seems to be a Nero 7 issue. I have uninstalled and re-installed Nero and LSH s/w but LS in Nero 7 still does not work. Anyone found a solution for this?

Thanks, Joe

I had the same problem and this is what I did and now my Nero works great with lightscribe.

go to

click on support

on the left it says Manufacturer contacts and links, click on that

scroll down to Nero and beside the word Nero it says
Lightscribe system software updates, click on that

Then go to Nero smartstart and click on coverdesigner

you should see the little round lightscribe icon, click on that

down on the left you will see a little green icon that is your image tool, you can use it
to browse to where you keep your images, I keep mine in my documents.

Hope this helps

Crescent – thanks for the info – I did as you said but it didn’t work for me – from what I’ve read sometimes a reinstall or refresh of LSH s/w works and other times it doesn’t. I do appreciate your help. Joe

Folks – I have found out that the problem is with Nero 7’s serial # – for some reason some serial numbers do not allow Lightscribe to work. I purchased Nero 7 on eBay, it may be possible that those offered on eBay have a fault – I don’t know – hopefully Nero will unlock all serial #s. Joe

Hey everbuddy.

I hope this will help everyone who may be having problems with lightscribe under Nero Ultra Edition or Nero Essentials. I have both of these versions and I went through all the installs/uninstalls as mentioned. Here is what I did to have lightscribe with Ultra Edition and I think it will work in Essentials. If you have ver. 6 install it and have your lightscribe working. Copy your label designer folder to another dir so Nero won’t uninstall it. Uninstall nero or let nero uninstall it while installing Nero 7. After 7 is installed rename the “Nero Cover Designer” folder. I just place an X in front to make it “XNero Cover Designer”. Do this in case it don’t work for you. Get the “Cover Designer” folder you placed in another directory and paste it to your new nero folder where “XNero Cover Designer” is. Now rename “Cover Designer” to “Nero Cover Designer” and you should Lightscribe listed when you start Cover Designer. If you have .nct files missing you can get them from your “XNero Cover Designer” folder and paste them to your new folder.
I hope this will help cause it has helped me.

I thank you