Nero 7751 not showing disc



Hi running xp pro 2 users when i log on i can burn with nero no problem after i log off an my wife logs on under her name when she goes to burn in nero it says please insert blank disc, it does it on both burnners, yet nero shows both burners, is this a windows problem or a nero problem? need help in fixing this problem.


Does she have the same admin rights as you?


Go to control panel, select Nero BurnRights and set the burn right to Everybody. By default only Administrator is selected!!




Very good suggestion.


did that still does’nt work


Is she able to read CD/DVDs on both the drives?


Another thought came to my mind, maybe she is putting the blank media in one drive and trying to burn from another one (the one selected in Nero by default). Just check whether she is putting the media in same drive which is selected in Nero.




Did it myself disc in right drive
Dam this is a hard one and also you used different blankdisc