Nero 7

Hello. I have recently bought myself a new PC, and it has Nero 7 installed. I used to have Nero 5 previously, and it was great. I had no problems at all.

I now have a few annoying problems, and i’m hoping someone on here can help me ?

  1. Certain files burn to a CD, but when i play the CD, either on my PC, or another CD Player, no sound comes out.The mp3 files play perfectly though. It isn’t a problem with the speakers, mp3’s, or PC.

  2. When i put tracks from a Folder into Nero, even if they are numbered 1 to 10, or 1 to 16, it always puts the last track at the start of the list, then, 1 to 9, or 1 to 10.

  3. When i burn a CD-RW, it burns at 4x, but when i burn a CD-R, it burns much quicker, at 48x. It always used to burn the same speed on Nero 5, now it automatically burns at a slower speed while using CD-RW Discs.

Thanks in advance for any help :cool:

I have sorted problems 2 & 3, but not the silent track problem.

Any help please ?

For problem 2, try right clicking and “Add Files” instead of dragging ur files.

It is quite possible that Nero sets burning speed by checking disk first.
CD-RW were always much slower than CD-R. I did not buy them for a while, but what I have is 4-12x while CD-R are 48x.
It also depend on your burner how fast it can burn each type. Get the model number and check manufacturer’s specs.