Nero 7

I’ve recently had a dead pc and always used nero 5 to burn just about everything. I updated to Nero 7 :frowning:

Anyway, to cut a long story short. I’ve loads of DVDs backed up as VTS, VOB files. Before I just chose the option burn DVD files, it isn’t there now and there’s loads all seemingly similar.

Which one should I be using?

The reason I’m asking is I’ve something wrong with the pc and it freezes trying to play stuff. I can’t sort that until the OH has done all her school reports but I’ve a dvd I want to watch that I can’t get 'til tomorrow as my BIL has it, it’s backed up on here though.

Here’s how I burn dvd files in Nero 7. (I normally use ImgBurn these days but still remember this process, maybe ;)) I’m assuming you have the full Nero burning suite, not one of the cut-down oem versions cause its been too long since I’ve seen one of those.

Insert a blank dvd to your drive. Open Nero Burning ROM. A smaller window will open—this is the new compilation window. On the left side, at the top, you will see a small drop down box with CD or DVD in it. Choose DVD and you will get a list of possible types of burns. Choose DVD-Video. Hit New

This opens up the main windows where you can drag and drop files to your new dvd compilation (usually just the Video_TS folder if it is small enough to fit onto a dvdr). Once you’re set with that you hit burn, add a title, set the burning speed and hit start.

As to your freezing problems on playback—don’t have enough info to even guess at this point.
Operating system?
DVD playback software?
Drive manufacturer and model?
Hardware problems? Have you tested to see if you have a bad stick of ram? (Memtest 86)