Nero 7



I have recently upgraded to Nero 7, I have made a few back ups using recode and ANYDVD latest version.

Now when I try to do this it will go through the process and when I go to burn process I get an error from Nero saying missing VOB… file it is usually a different # each time I try, the file # that is.

Anybody heard of this problem?

I am using maxell 8X DVD-Rs have been for awhile now.

I originally thought maybe this is a new way of copyright protection and waited for new version of anydvd but I have had about 3 updates since this started happening.

any help please.


Use DVDShrink in conjuction with Nero Burning ROM which is the best conbination.


Why use shrink when Nero does the same thing? Shrink is what I use to use untill i seen that recode on 7 does the work?


The advantage of using Shrink over recode is Shrink is also capable to remove Video protection and recode don’t also Shrink is faster that recode and third is Shrink do not go to encoding mode if the ripping files meet the video format while recode always start encoding regardless of format is ripping.


I’d be inclined to think that Recode is failing at some point and not completing the writing of a VOB. Maybe you’re tight on disk space.

I’d prefer to use DVD Shrink in conjunction with AnyDVD and not automatically start the burn process which I assume you’re doing with Nero.


Shouldnt ANYDVD remove the protection when I use Nero?

Yes Nero starts the burn process, It use to do this with shrink at one time but stppoed for some reason.

I just thought I was doing good to only be using NEro 7 and Anydvd.


Yes it does. DVD Shrink on it’s own will remove some protections but will fail on the latest.
Try DVD Shrink with AnyDVD & see it that’ll do better than Recode. It should now be able to call Nero to burn as it did before.