Nero 7

I’ve downloaded this program and its full of .001, 002, .003 etc… files. I need to know how to join the files together to create a new 633mb file and to add extension (bin, I think?!) to create Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

Can anyone please advise?

I might add that there are two folders - CD1 containing files add-n7ue.001 - add-n7ue.046 and an add-n7ue.sfv file and CD2 containing files add-7tut.001 - add-7tut.019, as well as file add-7tut.sfv.

How do I join these files and then burn them into a readable disk?

One thing, why don’t you download nero 7 trial version from nero’s website?

Hmmmm wonder where that came from :bigsmile:

he joined on June 2004, almost 2 years passed, and still doesn’t know the rules

Get Winrar & open any of the files with it. Then extract.

Sorry folks,

I don’t normally download programs such as this - it was strictly a one-off and I apologise for doing so. I had no idea this was not something that could be shared and have deleted the files from my system.

Have followed the advice of Rapid Fire and downloaded trial version from nero’s website.

Thanks to all who replied.

well, if you answer to posts like this with a true helpful answer, your

cannot be taken seriously, as you seem to offer help to anybody, independent from what the original poster’s (illegal?!) activities… (don’t take that too seriously :flower: )