Nero 7?

I am considering buying Nero 7 to give me more options! However on the site I buy from They have many reviews saying that Nero 7 creates all sorts of problems from computers locking up, to coaster upon coaster. Can anyone enlighten me. Should I buy it or not? I know that Nero 6 is still available and its a third of the price of 7?

I’m not sure I can add much, except to say that my current version - nero 6 ultra edition ( - works great. I’ve also heard about 7 causing major headches…no first hand knowledge though.

Hey, for 1/3 of the price, I know what I’d do… :iagree:

I have Nero 7 man and it didn’t change that much from the 6 version.
You wright i have problems with nero 7 when burning dvds but i’m not sure if the poblem is nero7 maybe the problem is my dvd’s. But i love nero.

I would say buy nero7. :wink:

Ok, let’s see.
Nero 6 works great…including dvds (and you’re on a dvd forum)
Nero 7 has had some bad press from users.
Nero 7 doesn’t work well when burning dvds for Baghdadee…? as to why.
Nero 7 will cost you three times as much as nero 6.
And the answer is… :doh:

Seriously, not sure where it is that you’re buying, but if you’re looking to add features for dvd burning, be certain the version includes nero recode2.

BTW: Are you sure the price is 1/3.
Visit nero site above, they have the same price, weird.

Nero is coming close to becoming like Roxio…stay with version 6 - they were once consumer oriented.

I have to agree totally on Nero 6 as it’s rather stable, because Nero 7, according to alot of users, is one major headache, and besides Nero customer support these days is rather crappy.

Thanks. I will go for Nero 6. Which is called Nero 6 Reloaded on ebuyer

You can download nero 6 and 7 demo’s directly from nero websight for free and see which one you like better. nero 7 is still kinda buggy and isn’t much of a upgrade IMHO for the price.

Just found out that RECODE will not be full up without a full retail version. Just tried to burn out of FAB and could not do it without a 5.1Dolby plugin!