Nero 7

Hey I am trying yo back up my DVD with Nero 7…I decrypted the DVD with DVD Decrypter and I burned it onto a DVD DL with Nero 7… The DVD completed and and it will play in my computer but it will not play in my home DVD??? Any suggestion…


Did you use file mode? If so you might of removed the layer break and Nero replaced or modified layer break and places bad flags on disc when burning. Use dvdd iso read dvdd or imgburn iso write it won’t mess with layer break. If you use +R DL the two mentioned will set book type to dvd-rom.

Sorry I dont know what that means… Im new at this… can you please explain again…


Go to google and search DVD Decrypter guides imgburn guides and read! Search book type. You will have to do your home work here, but then you’ll know.

So if I make an ISO of a dvd with ImgBurn do I loose and image quality??