Nero 7

Iv just downloaded a demo version of nero 7 and i tried to burn a avi file and it took 7 hours to burn and then wouldnt play on my dvd player, is there any way to make it burn quicker i had it on the maximum speed.

Change the avi to mpeg first so that nero wont have to do the tsancoding, it would speed up the burning process a lot. I am not sure how long it would take to tanscode so jut keep that in mind.

How can i change it from avi to mpeg

maybe, to make it more simple, you should try another product which might be perfect for your purpose:
VSO DivxToDVD - get it from
this one is only designed to convert videos (of nearly all types) into dvd-fitting spec’s… and burning them :wink:

Using Nero 7, there are many bugs in the program yet that has to be worked out. I used the demo version to try to burn a simple CD and it could not accomplish this correctly.
I went back to my Nero 6 until they work the bugs out, mostly, in Nero 7 before I try to use it again. If you had Nero 6 before, go back to using that. It’s much safer for now. Hope this helps.

I found by doing the clean uninstall of V6 before installing the newest V7 update it works flawlessly and is a nice improvement. Check the Nero forum for information and you’ll like V7. Upgrade without the V6 clean uninstall and you’ll hate it.

Can Anyone Help Me Please I Have Lost My Nero7 Premium Serial Key?

Email Ahead and tell them you lost it…maybe they’ll be nice and send you a new one :wink:

Edit: I see in another thread, you have emailed them. My bad.

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why don’t you get a serial of the net while you can get a reply from ahead?

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why do you use KS02 firmware on your 1693 btw??

pemium edition----» serial: 1234567890123456789012345678
ultra edition—» serial: 1234567890123456789012345678

i give you de serial i hope it work.


As for the firmware - an easy answer: I got the 1693 on Wednesday, and haven’t gotten round to flashing it yet.

Thanks for reminding me, I’ll hunt down some firmware now :bigsmile:

Nero 7 should not have been released. It was not even good for Bata. Nero now knows most of the problems and has a 404mb updat for 7 that fixes most of the problems. With Comcast high speed it took 45 min. to download.

is it worth to uninstall nero 6 to nero 7

HI…When I burn a music CD how do I get the title/artist info. on the new CD? I am burning from music files on a hard drive. Thanks.

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