Nero 7

I hope the version that I have been sampling (dated 14th Sept '05) is still a beta!

Why, what problems have you found ?

Not had it for long enough to find problems as such. 1) When making a video DVD, the preview window (where it says Nero Ultrabuffer) still refers to v3; the prog refers to itself as v4. 2) With burn-at-once not selected, one gets asked for a fileaname at the beginning of a burn (of an image) instead of at the end - this maybe by design - it’s just different from the way NVE 3 behaves.

Other minor rough edges, nothing too drastic, it’s just gives the impression of being unpolished.

how does .iso burning and data dvd burning work

As yet untested. Haven’t installed it on my main PC yet.

It’s easily available in the usual places…give it a whirl yourselves :wink:

Much longer transcoding times than NVE 3.

Hi :slight_smile:
Couldn’t give a hint I suppose?

Bit Torrent tracker sites

Has anybody installed both v6 and v7 on the same PC? The default directories are different.

Does anyone know if Nero 7 handles Subtitling? i.e. adding subtitles to an avi file when converting from avi to DVD/SVCD?

There does not seem to be an option to do so. The interface is almost identical to v6. Apologies in advance if I am mistaken, but I don’t think I am.

I do not have Nero V7 but I have been doing some extensive reading from people who have obtained it and are testing it. Their seems to be a general consensus.
1- The program at least as of right now is not different enough to warrant it being called V7 they susjest something like V6.8

2- Most wish they would spend more time working to improve the programs core functionality and less time messing with the secondary programs.

Definitely no reason here to upgrade. I have tested it, though not deeply, and won’t be installing it on my main PC.

It should say volumes to the developers that somebody who can install it (for free don’t forget ;)), won’t be. In fact, it looks as if I’ll be uninstalling it on the PCs that I’ve used for testing.

My main problem with Nero is with Vision Express. All versions later than have really long encoding times.

Trouble is that other programs, like Roxio, don’t allow too much configuration, seemingly being designed for n00bs (which is fine).

…and I have come across a dialogue box in German…admittedly on the cancel button when uninstalling.

Edit: Uninstalling does not reset file associations or remove icons placed during the install.

One very nice feature in Nero 7 Premium, you can choose which programs you want to install, don’t have to install everything.

I have found the NeroHome program quite cool, albeit a bit hinky, good groundwork tho’

DrTeeth, like you said, hope it is a beta, because Nero Express works fine, but found out Nero Burning ROM doesn’t work at all.

looks no big changes as for me
just a kind a design and other stuff addons

Got my first messed up audio cd for years with new version Nero Express. Some nice stuff in v.7 but i’ll wait till it have grown. I use and it’s been great so far - no need to change atm :slight_smile:

love looks of nero–—just wish i knew how to use any of it “ghost100”