Nero 7 xp install problems

Hi all i am having problems installing the latest nero 7.9 it gets up to the point where it asks you if i want the IE tool bar installed which i decline and then it closes that part doen and thats it nothing more at all it just stops ???

I have version 7.0.14 already on my machine but never had any problems in the past upgrading can anyone help me ???

why is this not going part that option ?

ok i uninstalled it and then i used the clean tool, tried again and i still can not get it to install after the toolbar install ?, i also got the extracted nero draw in the temp folder and tried that which bypass the option to install the tool bar and still i can not get it to go in?

I reinstalled nero 7.01.4 and went in no problems. so there must be a problem with neros new installer is there anyone can help ???

Can’t help any…but I had similar probs. I eventually got everything sorted via the clean tool but try the customer service, they were very helpful for me.
Good luck

have ried herd nothing from them m ?