Nero 7.x.x problem

i am having problem with nero. nero/nero express will not run after some times of installation. whenever i run either nero.exe process will popup in process list for a moment and disappear. i tried with both nero 7.5.7 and

machine config:
p4 3.4ghz, winxp sp2, zonalarm 6.5.x, bitdefender 10, virtual daemon 4.06, lg 4163 dvd combo, sony dru810a dvd writer

Did you have a previous version? If ,yes. Did you uninstall Nero including the registry keys before installing the new version?

i installed fresh. after few days it started giving me problem as i mentioned. so i uninstalled v7.5.1.1 (didn’t clear registry keys) and installed v7.5.7. it worked fine for 2 or 3 days and started giving me problem again.

Uninstall nero. Go to Start> regedit and delete all that has nero, then find all that has ahead and do the same. Press F3 to find next entry. Before you atart backup the registry. If you haven’t done it before be very careful. take your time.
Inatall nero and remove Nero Scout.
To remove Nero Scout, just execute:
regsvr32 /u "%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll"
By going To Start and Click On Run and paste the above into the window that pops up.
Good luck

another strategy is to use Nero’s clean tools utilities:

Agreed. That’s worked for me a number of times when an update has fouled up my install.

ok… i did everything as u people said. it’s working now and hope will be the same in future. i’ll keep the status posted.

oh!! did i forget to mention thanks.

sorry… THANKS 2 all