Nero 7 write speed change?


I just got nero 7 and cant see where i can change the write speed by much. It only gives options of 48X and fast and thats it in nero drive speed. I downloaded some reg patch from the site and that did nothing.
I have winxp home and p4 2ghz

burning some iso files requires a slow speed.

Cant I have slow speeds eg less than 48X?

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Normally it’s not Nero that determines the available writing speeds, but your burner’s firmware.

Also, the burning speeds are not related by [I]Nero drive speed[/I], :disagree: which allows control on the [I]reading[/I] speed of your drive, not its [I]burning [/I]speed.

It’s just before the actual burning process that you set the desired burning speed, for each burn.

Nero will only show true available write speeds once a disc is in the drive and ready to go. Before inserting a disc to write to nero only shows a very limited list of write speeds that is really not that usefull.

ok so i cant burn at a slower speed if the dvd doesn’t allow it?

48X is the slowest i can go?

Don’t take this wrong, but I think there is a lot of misunderstanding here…

  1. 48X burning speed doesn’t exist for DVD, only for CD :wink:
  2. It’s still not clear if this 48X speed that you’re talking about is a choice you have [B]once you have actually insterted a CD-R disc and are about to write it[/B], or something you just see in the software. [B]Where[/B] do you see this speed?

Please explain exactly what you are doing, step by step, and at which stage you see this 48X/max selectable speed choice.