Nero 7 - won't write cd text for track 1

for some reason, track 1 cd text is never written, i can’t figure it out, so weird. all the other tracks work fine. latest nero running on windows server enterprise 2003

any ideas


are you burning a .bin/.cue image with the cd-text inside or are you making an own compilation out of some audio files?

i’ve done it both ways. for instance, burning a bunch of mp3s i added myself, or burning a big FLAC or APE file with a cue sheet. but to be honest, i’m not sure if the ones with the cue sheet were affected or not, i’ll make another now and then go plug it in my car and see.

some time ago (more than a year now, for sure) i had something strange (but maybe similar) with nero 6…
i burned 2 cds (audio) with cd-text - i did not close nero between those discs, i just changed the files and volume title for the 2nd disc. and of course, changed the cd-text :wink:
when inserting the discs into my pc-drive, EAC detected cd-text without any problems on both of those discs. when playing the discs in a car-radio, only the text from the first one could be read, the second disc did not seem to have cd-text - even if it had.

so, maybe there’s (still) a bug in nero’s cd-text burn-engine? since that case, i never used Nero for audio any more, i did it all with EAC (i only burn complete disc’s, no self-created compilations :wink: )

hmmm, then i’ll burn with EAC for now, but will it burn FLAC and APE as well? from cue sheets? that the problem. i did close nero completely between burns though, i always do.

i tried with the cue sheet on the large flac file, that worked, so i’m gonna try without the cue again, with serveral files and see, i ran the nero clean and removed it, then re-installed it, maybe that fixed it.