Nero 7 Wont Restore

I have Nero7 and I backed up a lot of my video projects onto 7 dvds. I’ve
tried to restore them and all I get is the error message-
Failed to create NBService object. -2147023836: The specified service does
not exist as an installed service.

When I go through the program with disk 1 in the drive I get-
Please insert the source disc with the following volume label in the
selected drive: MyDocs230706. To ensure you have selected the the correct
disc, please compare the following disc ID with the one that can be found in
the file NB.txt located on the root of your backup disc F46B…etc.

I’ve not been able to restore the files. Can anyone help?

Contact Nero and see what they say!

You might also try ISOBuster and see if it can read and recover the data.

Or you could go to the Nero Forum and see if anybody else has run into this problem

Cheers man, really appreciated.

Ok, i am on Windows Server platform. I imagine the same works for for XP. Here’s what I did.

Go to Control Panel > Services. Scroll down to Nero Scheduler. Open it up. Go to the Dependencies panel, change the “log on as system account” to “log on as” and enter an Administrator-level account and password. Click “Apply”. Then stop and restart the service. Now you can restart Nero and the error will be gone. You will also have access to your backup schedule, etc.

Please post if this helps or not.

Nick in Salt Lake