Nero 7 won't install



I undeleated my pld nero 6. something and downloaded the new Nero- from the nero site. The problem is that I can;t install Nero- here is the message I got.

“the currently installed version of nero 7 is incompatible with this installer. It must be uninstalled using the control panel before reinstalling with the current version”

Can someone help, I uninstalled already, what am I doing wrong?


My latest version of Nero 7 upgrade come up with the same problem. In fact the update before this told me the same thing. What I had done with the earlier version was go to control panel and delete from there. Went on a search for any odds and ends of Nero 7 and Ahead and deleted all. Downloaded the newer trial version, installed it, then used my serial Key Number and everything worked ou just fine. Have not got around to doing the same with the latest Version 7. Had so much trouble with Nero upgrades I’m half scared to try again.
Hope this helps you out. Tomwb4y