Nero 7 will not make bootable disk with DosBootimage.IMA


After a dozen attempts on two PCs using all the info I could find on the net, I still cannot make a bootable CD using Nero 7 and it’s DosBootimage.IMA file or memtest ±1.70.iso, Image burn created.nrg, or Image.nrg files.

I just want to make a bootable CD with memtest86 ±1.7 on it to check memory.
Nero just keeps asking to insert CD before each burn, even though I have inserted multiple new CDs. It’s not the PC or software, because the problem is with two PCs. I must be the procedure.

What tab do I start with?:
Multisession or not tab
ISO tab
Burn tab

Would so appreciate a simple step by step procedure.



the procedure is rather simple: Start Nero (Express), then select “Disc Image or Saved Project” in order to burn the ISO image onto a CD-R. (This applies to Nero 6.6 at least)

Or use the free for burning disc images.


Using Nero Burning ROM, it’s Recorder > Burn Image. If the “New Compilation” window comes up first, cancel it, or get rid of it by clicking File > Close. There should be nothing about multisession, etc. when burning an image.

Maybe the simplest way is to run CDspeed.
Create Disc tab > check “Burn image” box > click Start.

As an added bonus, CDspeed will record the burner’s model number on the disc. Normally that’s done only for -R discs. I burn everything with CDspeed.

By the way, you can burn the image to a DVD as well as to a CD.