Nero 7, what to expect and first screenshots available



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 Winfuture has posted   a preview on Nero 7 with information gathered from  a Nero employee during the IFA in Berlin. Nero 7 which should become available  at the 10th of October 2005 brings some...
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Maybe they’ll fix the audio burning so that “disc at once” means “no gaps between songs”, like it does in the rest of the universe. The way they make the selection of “no gaps” separately bugs me, particularly as that option is hidden away.


Yeah, i wonder if there are some other creatures in the universe who chill by burning stuff:d p.s. I might be wrong but disk at once should mean finalized - the opposite of multisession. Cheers


Sounds like a minor update to me… >>Regarding new technological innovations >>one can expect for example the support >>of the new DVD formats. I’m soooo impressed :B


I’m not too impressed with those screenshots. Nero 6 is already packed with features, so it should/will last me a while…
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Yawn. When the first “feature” mentioned is Updates, then interface colors… Well, sign me up now!!!


DAO represents the burn method whereby the laser does not turn off between tracks. TAO is the opposite. DAO does not mean NO GAPS between tracks, it only does in Adaptec/Roxio software to my knowledge. TAO leaving gaps and turning the laser off between tracks poses older burners and some readers some problems between tracks, such as a click or pop, that’s why i burn in DAO. TAO which is finalised looks like DAO - except the burn process was different.


Sounds like Nero has Photoshop syndrome. You know, add 1 or 2 minor features, some UI changes and, package it as a new version and cash in on the “upgrades”. Oh and of course bug fixes will cease for your “outdated” version. Fatal bug?, sounds like you better (buy an) upgrade! But in all fairness, Nero has to turn a profit and keep a steady flow of revenue, if I owned Nero, I’d do the exact same thing. I think we can all say Nero has really hit the end of it’s life cycle expentancy, I can’t imagine them adding anything new aside from new burner support or formats. What I want to see is a total rewrite that will allow Nero to be updatable by downloading a small patch, instead of having to redownload the whole software and install over itself!
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I wish they would make a Mac version…


I am not impressed with the new NERO 7 demonstration and new features - For starters they should have called this NERO 6.75 or 6.8 not 7.0 :slight_smile: Once again this will FORCE 6.6 users to dish out money to buy 7.0 to get future updates. Does this business practice sound familiar ? Anybody ? :slight_smile: Why fix something that ain’t broke. Leave the interface alone - Also there are more non disclosed features of NERO 7 coming up like Online Activation and phoning home. So for all you geeks out there who don’t pay for your software you better stick to NERO 5 or 6 as an internet connection will be REQUIRED and ACTIVE at all times when using NERO. Each UNIQUE serial key will be compared to a database on their servers, so use of a key generator won’t work. Honestly I think NERO has turned into bloatware and to be honest I really do not like the quality of its software…there are far better alternatives to NERO and which provide much better writing quality and a better burning engine. Thanks but no thanks NERO…Expect NERO 8 in 3 months, with added support for coffee mug holders :slight_smile:


In Nero Express just check the “No pause between tracks” box. I hope they finally fix that 16 character limit for a dvd title name. That’s really annoying and they have refused to fix it in any update of 6.x. Nero 5 never had that problem!


can anyone out here tell me how to find a program called nero photoshop. I got a free download of a disc when I got pics done at a drug store. I lost orig. disc and can not find on line. Drug store no longer has program. I loved this program. Please HELP ME.