Nero 7 vs Nero 6

So far my perception is that it’s not worth upgrading to Nero 7.

However, just went to Nero, and the upgrade price is $49.99.

Is it worth it?

I have full version of Nero 6, including Lame Mp3

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There’s no point at all if you “just” want to burn.

FWIV, Nero 7 may want to have a look at if they want a slimmer version of Nero.

I really feel for Ahead …

There are now so many non-bloatware freeware programs available …
Imgburn is my personal favourite.

I´m just about to jump [I]ahead[/I] into the dark abyss…

Maybe it´ll be today…so if I don´t see you for a while it´s cos I´ve taken up heavy, ok heavier, drinking as a result of this foolishness!

I upgrades now it is less buggy, also as for bloatware you can custom instal just to install what you want only.

Dean , you mad impetuous fool you. :bigsmile:

I’ve got a free upgrade from Samsung but I’m just storing away safely for now.

Yo Deano-

Don’t put yourself in harms way - remember all the agony going from 5 to 6-eh?

Well I bit the bullet and jumped ahead…
Everything works fine.
I use Nero Recode, and it’s much faster than DVD Shrink, and has less issues with some movies.

I use Nero Vision instead of PowerProducer Gold for Capturing VHS via my V-Stream 2388x Video Capture card that I got from Fry’s for $25 so that I can capture video from my VHS player so that I can convert to DVD’s. Nero Vision is more powerful than PowerProducer Gold and quicker in reformatting. In addition, Nero Vision lets me add music (wav/mp3 files) to my home video, whereas the standard PowerProducer Gold does not have this option.

So if you ask me, I think it’s worth the money to upgrade…