Nero 7 & Vista problems

Hi - I have Nero 7 Essentials - unsure the exact build. Just got a new Vista pc & when I go to install it I get a “compatibility error message”. Now is there a way to get this to work or should I go for a new purchase of Nero that is Vista compatible. If so - which Nero version should I buy - I want DVD & CD burning interface as close to Nero Express as possible. Thanks so much for your help! Deca:)

The early versions of Nero 7 were not vista compatible, this is the reason why you get this message. But the later ones are compatible. You can download the latest nero 7 update from and use your Nero Essentials key to install. Everything should be fine…

Hi yyy - thank you for your response. Please pardon my ignorance - but when I go to the Nero site I am totally confused - could you give me the exact page link & precise update I need to download? Thanks again my friend, D:) -> support -> downloads
You’ll see the updates for all recent versions, under latest updates. Go for 7… I just saw you have to give an email address to download :frowning:

If you want you can download from alternate locations such as FileHippo ( Try a search and you’ll see :wink:

Hey yyy - you rock bro! Thank you soooo very much for your help!!! My best! D:iagree:

You’re welcome D! Glad you get that sorted :wink: Happy burning :slight_smile: