Nero 7 & Vista Compatability




Having just bought a new Vista machine, I want to upgrade to Nero 7. However details on the website (in small print) state that only Nero Burning Rom & Nero Express are Vista Certified and that some other elements may not work at all.

I don’t want to start installing half working software onto my new machine so wondered:

a) Do all elements of Nero 7 work flawlessly with Vista?
b) Is it perhaps worth waiting for the next iteration of the software?

Nero 6 works perfectly with XP and I want Nero 7 to do the same!




First, there are two version of VISTA (32 bit & 64 bit) find out which one you have in your computer installed. If you have 32 then get Nero 32 otherwise get 64 one, also remember only Nero is VISTA compatible which happen to be the latest version of Nero7.


Hi Andy
I am running Vista Home Premium (32bit) and Nero with no problems as yet.


Thanks guys, looks like I’ll be ok then and there is a decent upgrade offer too so I’ll get it all downloaded and installed.


Version number

Release Date: 01-18-2007
New Features

* Certified for Windows Vistaâ„¢


* Under Windows Vista, Windows Movie Maker crashed if Nero was running in a few cases
* Burning a compilation to the image recorder was not possible in some cases
* Improved AC3 encoding
* Preview of AC3 files was not possible in some cases
* Nero Burning ROM could not always read the previous session of a multisession disc
* The size bar was not updated when using "continue multisession disc" feature
* Audio books could not be burned on CDs in some cases
* A misleading error message was displayed when trying to use a folder that did not exist

So just and above would do.


Please let’s know the outcome. GoodLuck.


Can anyone tell me if I record TV show thru Media center is there a way to then burn to a DVD that will work with my Pioneer Elite to watch on my big TV?


using Vista OS; if so which flavor. And, welcome to the forum.


If you have captured card in your PC then yes what ever you record from TV through your capture card would play in your Stand Alone DVD player.