Nero 7 Vision Express




I have been working on creating a slideshow on VCD using Nero 7’s Vision Express. The program itself seems fairly straightforward. I have approx. 200 pictures in the slideshow and 4 mp3 files to play in the background. I set the timing manually, so that the pictures end with the music (approx. 4.5 secs per slide).

Once I have everything done and I’m ready to burn, I preview the slideshow and everything works and looks fine. After I burn the slideshow to disc and I watch it on the DVD player, everything is fine until I reach the point in the slideshow where the third song is supposed to play. This is where my problem comes in, as the third song doesn’t play. The slideshow still runs on showing the pictures, but there’s just approx. 4 minutes of silence (the length of the song that’s supposed to be playing) and then the 4th song plays and the slideshow finishes correctly. I first thought that it was just a problem with the file, so I downloaded a new mp3 file. In one case I was able to get the slideshow to work, but I am working on a couple of them and with the current one, even changing out files didn’t solve the problem. The thing that really irks me is that the preview ALWAYS works fine - the only way for me to test it, is to burn to disc and then watch it on the DVD player with hopes that it worked. Another strange thing is that it usually seems to be the third track that I’m having trouble with. There appears to be no logical pattern and I’ve tried rearranging the tracks, starting afresh and even using different files, but the problem still exists.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this kind of problem and if there’s a known fix for it? It’s very frustrating to spend so much time working on something that should be relatively quick and simple to do, and to waste so many discs.

I’d appreciate anything information anyone can provide!


i had similar problem when making a slide show with nero. well actually several problems. gave up and used vso photodvd. theres a trial.


Thanks, Troy512, I’ll give that a whirl.

I would have expected a little more out of Nero, but did get the software for free with my DVD Burner, so all is not lost.