Nero 7 Video edit audio clicking



(Tried to search the forums about this but I keep getting a “Cannot find server or DNS Error”)

My first serious compilation on Nero 7 with effects, graphics and music mix, etc. seemed to go well (in preview) until I looked at my burned DVD and heard loud clicks (in the left channel only) when any graphic overlay was on the screen.

Burning on to different media, to an iso image or even to a folder on my hard drive resulted in the same loud clicking sounds in the final.

Eventually I re-did the production on Roxio 8 which gave me a less creative looking but click-free burn. This tells me there’s no hardware issue but there is either an operator or software problem.

Anybody know what’s going on?


Probably the buggored audio in Nero stroke again…


Does Nero 7 give everybody these audio problems or is it hardware specific? Is there any kind of work-around possible?

I don’t like Roxio 8 and Ulead 10 created the only DVD coaster my Benq 1640 ever burned…

Thank you for helping.


It would be mpeg 1 audio layer 2 normally.
You even could transcode the audio before with a better tool like BeSweet.


Have you found anything to help with this? I’m having the same problem and not having any luck fixing it.


Read my post #4 already???


Sure, read it, now explain how to correct it.