Nero 7 Utra inferior to Roxio 7?

I raised the following issue before, but only got a suggestion that what I wanted to do is ill advised. But I a retired software developer, so I think I have a pretty good sense about computer use.

With Roxio 7, I could:

  • open a drag-and-drop window to a DVD,
  • drag directories with their content to a DVD
  • close the window
  • reboot the computer
  • add assitional directories to the same DVD
  • close the DVD for use on other computers

On Nero, where I’m a newbie, I somehow:

  • formatted a DVD+RW
  • dragged directories and their contents, as above
  • possibly closed the Nero tool I used
  • accessed the content though Windows Explorer
  • rebooted
  • can still access that content, e.g. print one of the files

What I can’t figure out how to do is how to open a partially written DVD+RW to add content to the medium. Is there someone on this forum that knows how to do that?

You should be able to do this through Nero’s Main app, the Nero Burning ROM. Just put the DVD in. Select new then Data DVD. On the first window (I think its the Info Tab) click Continue Multisession.

You’re comparing Nero’s InCD against Roxio’s DragToDisk. And for this particular function the winner is Roxio by a mile in my opinion.
Nero will do it using multi-session but that seems not to work so well on DVD media.

There’s nothing wrong with running Roxio 7 , with DragtoDisk installed, and Nero 7 without InCD installed.

There are many who are very against these packet writing applications but I’ve always found Roxio’s to be fairly reliable.

Thanks a lot. I was getting discouraged because I wasn’t getting a direct response to my question. I’m testing my first session in a multisession right now. I checked the documentation on Nero Burning ROM and find it helpful, but trial and error will do, I hope.

Again, thanks for a direct (and knowledgeable response.)

Thanks, Tim:

> There’s nothing wrong with running Roxio 7 …
I didn’t know how to avoid the reported conflict between Nero and Roxio. Now that I have a choice I’ll work with Nero some more so that I can make an [I]informed[/I] choice.

Best wishes,