Nero 7 update adds plug-and-play Video for fifth Gen iPod

I just posted the article Nero 7 update adds plug-and-play Video for fifth Gen iPod.

Latest Nero 7 Software Update supports Nero Digital™
Conversion and plug-and-play Video for fifth Generation
Karlsbad, Germany (March 23, 2006)
'“ Nero, leaders in digital media…

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There is no update that I can find.

Thats because its a long winded way of saying they added an iPod profile for MPEG 4 & MPEG 4 AVC to Nero Recode/Digital. Just use the latest version and you will see the profile it actually works quite well from the tests I did with the iPod.

From the complaints I’ve been hearing, it’s time for Ahead to set aside updates for Nero 7 for the time being, and use their resources to fix bugs and provide customer support. Nero 7 has been a very buggy product for a lot of people, and it appears (at least in the US) that this has overloaded their technical support department. Features can come later. A stable product comes first. I don’t care how many features you’ve got, if your product doesn’t work right, adding more features is just trying to put gold plating on a turd.

Here Here Nero & is too bugged I can not create iso DVDs anymore. I have gone back to version 6.6. Stop the updates fix the problems. That why I switch from Easy CDDVD creator. Nero was at one way very stable that is not the case with version 7. If the softtware writers do not address it people will move on to something better. Also please have a better support system on the web site. What is there now is very poor for people who troubleshoot their own software/hardware problems.

I have always uses nero recode to make videos for my ipod. Its really easy and you dont need this “plugin” to do it. Am I the only one surprised they didnt charge extra for it though?