Nero 7 - Unspecified Recorder Error

I have been trying to burn an Audio CD and a Data CD all day and it always fails… I also used DigitalMedia Roxio and it fails as well… I updated the firmware of my drive because I thought that it might be the issue, but it isn’t… It is weird though because Ijust burnt a DVD last night with no problem, and I burnt a cd about a week ago with no issue… Yes, I have had issues in the past, but the cd burns after the 2nd try… I have attached the log… Please help, I am out of ideas on how to fix this… Thanks

Here is the log for Roxio also:

Sense: 04 ASC: 03 ASCQ: 01 (Command 2A)


Well, after doing some research, I had read that people were having trouble with Nero 7… So I downgraded to Nero 6 since I hadn’t had an issue with it before, on my other computer… I still got the same error… I attached the log from this try also…

failed6.txt (17.5 KB)

Don’t be surprised if you find out that your drive CD laser sensor is either dead or about to go dead. First try another brand of CD media if the result still the same try to clean the laser portion of your drive if the problem still there then consider you have dead drive for CD writing.

Yea, I have been doing more reading and this was the conclusion I have come up with… I have had problems with cd burning since day one… Hopefully this is covered by the warranty… Should I take it to Best Buy (where I bought my laptop) or just call Sony? I purchased the laptop only 2 months ago… I believe I have a 1 year warranty with Sony and a 3 year warranty with Best Buy.

So, I took a soft cloth and cleaned the laser… I was able to burn an Audio CD with no problem… Then I tried to burn a Data CD and the first time completed but failed before it would finalize… The I cleaned it again and tried the Data CD again… This time is failed right before it was complete… I attached the log… This is weird.

The first time I tried the DVD CD it was "Sense Key: 0x04(MEDIUM_ERROR)
Sense Code: 0x10
Sense Qual: 0x00
The second time I tried it it was Sense Key: 0x05 (KEY_ILLEGAL_REQUEST)
Sense Code: 0x30
Sense Qual: 0x05

failedagain.txt (25 KB)

Take it to Best Buy Customer Service and ask them that you have problem with your dvd burner I am sure they would replace the burner with no question ask.

You think I will have to leave it wil them for a long time?? Cause I cant go on to long without my laptop… Also, I have some things on here that may not be appropiate, lol… Do I need to take that stuff off here?

Backup your hard drive if you can then format the drive and then take to BB customer service.