Nero 7 ultra

Hi, I never had problems with Nero 7 ultra until yesterday, I use Maxell Dvd+R and Memorex with no problem for 3 yrs now. Before this happened I burned Babys MaMa and Little Mermaid: Ariel’s beggining with no problem with them, try burning the Eye, Camp Rock, American Mall, the writing process starts and at 1% a window pops up and says writing error. I must of went through 30 more dics with the same problem, turn my coputer off take the battery out start it up again go through the same process as above and window comes up again, went to buy some Maxell Dvd +R same problem. I have all my movies on a external hard drive. What could be the problem with this, never had this problem before with the sofeware. I don’t know what else to say. Help please:confused:

I assume these are commercial movies and your information doesn’t address this issue. If they are commercial, how are you removing the copy protection?

This program is recommended by many CDF members:

If you are going to send a PM, it should not state that you are breaking forum rules.

Hey these are commerical movies that I rent from the movie store and use DVD FaB Gold to use to burn on my hard drive.

Sorry, but I do not believe you will receive any assistance from members.

Please read the forum Rules before posting again. Copying rented movies is against forum rules. You must own the original. Thread Closed.:cop: