Nero 7 Ultra

Now that Nero 7 is out does anyone know if it has new Recode features?

Well, it was reported that you can now encode AVC on a dual-processor machine without crashing, unlike Nero 6 Ultra.

I bought Nero 7 Ultra, but I’m not installing it yet, I hear it’s just so buggy it isn’t worth it.

hehehe, yeah i remember when nero 6 first came out, it took quite a few versions before people would move from 5.5

i don’t think recode has had much done to it by the looks of some reviews, most of the new stuff in 7 is stupid multimedia stuff that nobody uses.

anybody any input on this, i’m not going to upgrade until i find out what if anything is new in recode, and there doesn’t seem to be a downloadable demo yet.

important featue that didn’t exist on ver 6:

now you can create & design a DVD menu with chapters from the wizard on DVD format.

in the prev. ver. you could only do that for VCD&SVCD formats.

Quality of the encoded audio also improved noticeably.

I have a small problem in recode. It now selects all languages no matter what I have the profile set to. I made a new profile to select English only but it still selects all. Prior versions worked okay but not 7.