Nero 7 Ultra version, still need Shrink?

I have been reading about Nero Recode and Shrink and wondered if this new version Ultra 7 still requires the use of Shrink.

I still use along with Any DVD and Shrink, but have a chance to buy Ultra 7 for $49 cdn and wondered if this “Nero Recode” is something new that is in this new version so that I would not have to use Shrink?


The purpose of using DVD Shrink is not just ripping and encoding but also shrinking the large file to be fit into a single layer disc plus above all Shrink removes the video protection (except for new Sony one) from your video movie.

Yes, I understand the purpose of Shrink and wondered about this Nero Recode as I had seen some little discussion about it and wondered if it would eliminate the use of Shrink which I use with DVD Decrypter with Any DVD disabled as I have noticed it does not always work with Shrink in some cases.

So by what I read into your post, the answer is No, I would still have to use Shrink.

Nero or any of its components can not remove any video movie protection, so if for this purpose you still need shrink or DVD decrypter.