Nero 7 Ultra pain in the ***

Is it just me, or is the “New and Improved” Nero 7 just full of Bugs???
Just to install it was a Major pain…
This program is cool…but what a Major Pain in the *** to install and get working correctly!!! (and yes everthing works fine now…but sheees)
After I got everything the way I wanted it with version 7.0, I went to install the update for version…and it made me uninstall everything all over again instead of just updating the files like version 6 does…
Then after I got everything uninstalled, I went to install the upgrade and I got a message that it was missing a dll in a cab need for the installation (HUH?)…so I had to take that cab out of the other previous program (Nero 7.0), then go into the temp~installation dir, and replace the cab with the missing dll to get it to install…Btw, if you choose Custom install, you can install InCD along with the rest of the package and choose your installation directory as well.(by default it doesn’t)
Then I checked the version of the mp3PRO dll and it was updated to a newer version than the one that skipped…(The new Nero 7 has a bug in the encoding dll that makes the songs have skips in them after encoding them with mp3PRO) so I tested it and this one also skipps on the encoding…sheees…so I replaced it with the earlier one from nero 6 and it doesn’t skip anymore…
This new Nero 7 does have some Cool features though…but to get everything working right is a pain…I’ve also been having random CPU usage spikes that’ll go to 100% and just stay there… :confused:
I’m gonna work with it a bit more to see how it does…but I’m really tempted to put Nero 6 back and just wait for a while till Nero irons out all these bugs that are in the new programming… :rolleyes:

I’m gonna wait till nero 7 has a decent update



OK…I’m done with testing out Nero 7 Ultra v7.0.1.2…I’ve ran into more bugs in the programming that I just don’t feel like dealing with…
Nero Home has some bugs in it that causes CPU usage to go to 100% and just stay there until you either reboot, or Kill the process… :rolleyes:
I’m sure there’s more bugs in it yet to be found but I just don’t feel like putting in the hours of testing that would be required to find them all…So for now I’m going back to the tried and True Nero 6 Ultra that I have absolutely no problems with… :cool:
I’m really surprised that they would release the new version with so many problems…I use Windows XP…and I’m sure there’s Millions of users out there with this OS…I’m sure they’ll get all this straighten out after a few more updates…I’ll wait till then to try it again… :iagree: