NERO 7 Ultra Overburn/Corrupted

I recently bought the NERO ULTRA 7 Edition. :rolleyes: Turned off Anti-Virus software,installed from CD.
When I tried to burn a regular Audio CD, I get this error message. “BUFFER OVERUN DETECTED
CORRUPTED INTERNAL STATE” Also, I see the “NOT RESPONDING” next to NERO BURNING ROM at the top.This has been happening a lot lately,so I start in Safe mode and run disc clean-up and Defragged the system.

Does anyone know if this is a Microsoft
XP O.S. Problem, which I may have to re-install the O.S., or something to do with me needing to update this Nero software.
I wonder why this just wouldn’t work since it’s brand new out of the box.

Thank you for any ideas! :smiley:

Did you have any burning software installed prior to Nero7? If somake sure you completely removed it. These programs tend to leave things behind when uninstalling. You should check the vendor’s website for a cleanup type utility they may have.

if it’s the base nero 7 (out of the box as you say) then my guess is that you should install the latest nero7 updates (not sure what hte latest is, but I’m sure it’s on the nero site)

the early releases of nero 7 were rather buggy. updating will either fix your problem or eliminate nero as the culprit.