Nero 7 ultra error

installed nero 7 everything works except nero burning rom i get this error.
bcgcbpro 730.dll used repair feature in nero no dice is this a windows error? this dill is located in nero

I have the exact same problem.
Anyone has a fix ar advice for this?

change compatability to Win2000 and it will solve your problems until the an update is released by Nero (supposedily on Nov 2);

C: Programs; Nero; Nero7; Core folder; right click on burning rom icon; compatability select Win2000 and check the box to run under this compatability.

:bow: Thanks for info it helped hopefully they fix with next release when ever it may be.

Bumpity bump.

Recently came across this problem myself. I followed campmanā€™s advice and enabled compatibility.

After checking to make sure that it worked, I disabled compatibility again. Nero was able to run with compatibility off.